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Monday, November 3, 2014

Finding your child's rehearsal schedule

Hi all,

We've had a number of questions and confusion about the schedule.  The calendar to the right indicates which characters or group of characters are needed for each rehearsal (for confidentiality online, we are not listing children's real names).

*  You can CLICK on the event & a POP-UP box will spell out the details.
*  OR... you can change the "view" of the calendar to "week" or "agenda," if easier to read.

Please scroll down on this web page -- under the calendar is a reminder of how the groups are divided.  You will need to know your child's character name.

We appreciate your help in planning ahead & making sure your child is available when needed (and has other plans when not needed).  Our volunteer staff is half what we had last year, our cast bigger by 10 kids, and our time shorter by a month!

We will do our best to send reminder emails, but it's proving hard to keep up with the volume.

We need your help!

It will go by quickly, and we appreciate your efforts to make this possible for your child.

Thank you.

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