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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

School Matinée Postponed - awaiting news on re-scheduled date/time

Dear Cornish drama families,

As you know, the school matinée today has been postponed due to the snow storm.  We are working on possibilities to re-schedule and will keep you posted ASAP.

If we have asked you to send in a costume element, would you please make sure it goes in their backpacks in a labeled plastic bag as soon as school resumes?

Re-cap of Dress Rehearsal:

Our actors did very well wearing their costumes for the first time and they are doing an outstanding job with their performances, singing and acting.  Our stage managers and stage hands are hard at work running the back stage (all student-run - a major feat!), and are shortening set-up times for transitions, bravo.   Regrets that the rehearsal ran long and apologies for any inconvenience to your families.  We were under the gun, expecting to perform today for the Plainfield School and needed to complete the show once through with costumes.  

This show has had a very short timeline, requiring us to go full-tilt since October, so Amanda and I will look on the bright side of the snow day to give us more time for final final tweaks and polishes, completing costumes, sets and props, and getting mechanics of set/costume changes worked out as best we can.

Please ask your children if they have any questions or concerns about their costumes, props, entrances, exits, etc. that we can field via email today & tomorrow.  (We tried to answer a lot before the Dress Rehearsal, but we know they must have many more after and likely won't have time in school to answer them all!)  And please let them know we will have an even better show for the extra time to rest and prepare!

Thank you the volunteers on hand yesterday at the Dress Rehearsal and at Friday's Tech.  You make this possible.

More soon.  

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