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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Expanded programs!

Hello Cornish Families,

We are pleased to welcome a new community volunteer who is offering a course in improvisational drama for our Lower Wing students in grades 2-4 (with possible expansion to grade 1, depending on enrollment).  Larry is an actor and a retired teacher from Plainfield School with many years experiencing teaching drama to elementary students.  His introductory letter and permission slip follow.  If your Lower Wing student would like to participate, please print and sign below (if you have not already from the flyer that went home yesterday).
We will meet as a large group (grades 2-8) for snack & introductions tomorrow at 2:45pm in the Multi-purpose room before breaking into Lower and Upper Wing groups for activities until 4pm.
Would anyone be able to contribute a snack?
Please make sure your child's classroom teachers are notified if staying for Drama is a change from their usual after-school schedule, and please make sure they have transportation at the stroke of 4pm (or other arrangements are made in advance for after-school care).
We look forward to seeing your kids tomorrow.

April 28, 2015

Dear second, third, and fourth grade students,

    I would like to announce a new after-school offering.  I am going to lead a course in improvisational acting.  If you like to ‘make-believe’ then this might be a perfect opportunity for you.  I can promise that you will have a chance to do some things you have probably never done before and I can also promise that these things will be fun.  However, the best way for you to find out what this program is all about is to give it a whirl, so to speak.  If you find that it’s just not to your taste, you can drop out at any time.  There will be a weekly class of an hour’s length happening directly after school every

      The only requirement is that you have an imagination and a way to get home.  You will need a parent or guardian to sign this form and tell me how you are going to get home.  Keep in mind that you must be picked up at the stroke of 4.

   ***Please note that a play performance is not part of this course.

                     I give permission for my child to attend this class

Here is how my child will get home: 


       Larry Wolkin

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