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Friday, October 17, 2014

Casting & Table Read this Monday, Oct. 20

Attention Upper AND Lower Wing cast members!

Please come to Drama Club this Monday, Oct. 20 from 2:45-4:30pm for casting announcements, production jobs, and our first "table read" of the script.  We will share information about rehearsal schedules as well.

Parents & Guardians!  Please let us know if you can donate a snack to the cast for rehearsals.  We will make up a schedule after rehearsal schedules are announced on Monday.

Lower Wingers!  As we explained at the assembly last week, all Lower Wing students will have a chance to sing in the chorus and participate in movement and art projects for the play during the school day.   However, some Lower Wing students have indicated their interest in a bigger on-stage role, which requires some after-school rehearsals and commitment to the evening shows.  If you know anyone (siblings, friends, home schoolers) who wants to get more involved but hasn't contacted us, please encourage them to email us ASAP at

Thanks to all for wonderful audition readings and singing.  See you Monday!

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